GCC 101:


We hope it never happens, but should you be injured while on a GCC ride contact the Club Insurance Officer to find out how to file a Report of Accident form for our insurance company. You will need your name, address, phone number, name of your insurance company, description of injury, type of care required, location and description of accident, and names and addresses of up to two witnesses. Generally, if you are a GCC member, our insurance will cover what yours does not after the first $500 is paid, up to $10,000.

If you get into a liability situation on a GCC ride, our insurance is primary insurance. You are covered if you are a GCC member and have signed and dated a release.

This insurance only covers you while on a GCC ride or participating in a GCC event. Unfortunately, if you fall off your bike while riding to a ride, you are not covered. More importantly, rides that are not organized through the GCC are not covered. To qualify, a ride must be posted on the GCC Ride Schedule in the Members Area. Should you choose to organize a ride through non-GCC social media, ensure the participants know that they are not covered by the GCC medical insurance, and that liability coverage is through your homeowner policy.

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