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Feb 6, 2018EventCommission Candidate Forum Tonight
Jan 23, 2018FeatureChilly Chili Picnic Photos
Jan 23, 2018FeatureWinter Solstice Ride Photos
Jan 18, 2018EventBIKE FLORIDA Mar 17-23, shorter options available
Jan 17, 2018NewsWas the 37th Horse Farm Hundred the Last?
Jan 4, 2018FeatureCommuter's Corner #6: Bicycling Bandits
Dec 25, 2017EventFlorida Bicycle Safari
Dec 14, 2017FeatureFREE Membership Offer from Adventure Cycling
Nov 28, 2017EventArmstrong/SEA Community Festival Bike Camping Trip
Nov 28, 2017NewsBike 4 Vets Progam on WUFT
Nov 26, 2017EventCalling all new members!
Nov 26, 2017FeatureIt's Time to Ditch the 3-Foot Rule**
Nov 18, 2017EventHoliday Gathering December 9, 7 PM
Nov 15, 2017NewsNeed Kids Bikes
Nov 14, 2017Event5th Annual Cranksgiving ride this Saturday!
Oct 29, 2017EventVeterans Day Poker Run
Oct 2, 2017NewsSNAFU with Security Certificate
Oct 2, 2017EventAdvanced Street Cycling Workshop
Sep 24, 2017FeatureCommuter's Corner #5: Rock Stars
Sep 19, 2017EventBasics of Cycling in the Street: A Riding Workshop
Sep 14, 2017EventAnnual Rails to Trails Bike Ride to be Postponed
Sep 3, 2017EventHearts for our Hospital
Aug 18, 2017EventMS150 BBQ
Aug 18, 2017EventActive For Recovery Ride
Aug 18, 2017EventFlagler Fondo
Aug 7, 2017EventMS 150 Cycle to the Shore
Aug 7, 2017EventGCC Presents: Basics of Street Riding
Jul 25, 2017Feature$1000 Bike and $10 Body
Jul 21, 2017Event17th Annual Senior Games Time Trials
Jun 26, 2017NewsHigh Springs - Newberry Trail Meeting
Jun 25, 2017NewsAdopt-A-Road is back!
Jun 22, 2017NewsGainesville/Hawthorne Trail Alert
Jun 11, 2017EventArcher Community Health Fair
Jun 3, 2017FeatureCommuter's Corner #4: Solidarity!
May 1, 2017EventNational Bike Challenge
May 1, 2017NewsComplete Streets Handbook
Apr 21, 2017NewsGetting GCC Admin Mail on Gmail
Apr 20, 2017EventRide To Remember April 29
Apr 19, 2017NewsMissing Big Orange Signs
Apr 16, 2017NewsImportant Ride Posting Info
Apr 14, 2017EventTour de Melon Discount
Apr 1, 2017EventThe Hipp After Dark
Mar 28, 2017NewsBike Issues at MTPO Monday
Mar 15, 2017EventBike Rodeo Workshop
Mar 7, 2017FeatureCommuter's Corner #3: The Guy with the Badge
Mar 3, 2017EventGCC Annual Meeting & Party Sat. March 11th
Feb 19, 2017EventParty!
Feb 7, 2017EventBike Florida Spring Tour
Jan 27, 2017EventSuwannee Sweetheart Ride
Jan 27, 2017EventCity Commission Candidate Forum
Jan 8, 2017EventBike Florida Spring Tour
Jan 4, 2017EventGainesVeloSwap Sunday
Dec 12, 2016NewsGCC Ride and Admin Emails
Dec 9, 2016Event96 For '96 Memorial Ride
Dec 5, 2016FeatureKnee Pain
Nov 12, 2016EventCranksgiving Returns!
Nov 6, 2016FeatureCommuter's Corner #2: My First Time
Oct 29, 2016EventFestival T-Shirts
Oct 20, 2016EventOctober 29 Ride of Silence
Oct 15, 2016FeatureCarryover
Oct 3, 2016EventParade!
Sep 24, 2016EventFree Event: Insurance and Bicycles
Sep 20, 2016FeatureBasic Training
Sep 14, 2016FeatureThe Truck that Burped
Sep 14, 2016FeatureTri News
Sep 12, 2016FeatureAAA's Got You Covered
Sep 7, 2016FeatureBeware the Low Sun
Aug 11, 2016EventGainesville Cycling Festival
Aug 8, 2016FeatureCORE
Aug 4, 2016EventActive For Recovery Bike Ride
Aug 4, 2016EventCritical Ass
Jul 27, 2016EventRotary Bike Ride
Jul 24, 2016EventEndless Summer Watermelon Ride
Jul 24, 2016EventCelebration of Cycling
Jul 2, 2016NewsWhy not lights?
Jun 28, 2016FeatureWhole Body Fascia and Movement Integration
Jun 14, 2016News8th Avenue Up Again
Jun 12, 2016NewsWeb Site on New ISP
May 28, 2016NewsRide Type Preferences - New Choices
May 27, 2016FeaturePlanning For Your Event
May 26, 2016EventToxic Avenger Discount with Bike Valet Use!
May 25, 2016NewsYour Millhopper Crew At Work
May 23, 2016EventOcala Stage Race
May 18, 2016EventGCAT Party and Fundraiser
May 18, 2016FeatureAlachua County Roads
May 13, 2016EventTour de Melon
May 13, 2016NewsBike Lanes Ditched
May 11, 2016NewsLake Pithlachocco Bicycle Trail
May 9, 2016NewsRumble Stripes
May 2, 2016NewsNational Bike Challenge
Apr 29, 2016EventBike Month Kickoff & Free Concert & Bike Valet
Apr 29, 2016EventRide with the Mayor and the Commish
Apr 28, 2016EventBike Overnight: Hogtown to the Heights EVENT FULL!
Apr 26, 2016FeatureAlactic Training
Apr 19, 2016EventRide For The Arts
Apr 15, 2016EventBMX Sunday
Mar 24, 2016EventWorkshop on Street Cycling
Mar 16, 2016NewsNew GCC President
Mar 2, 2016FeatureYour Hips
Mar 1, 2016NewsMarch is Florida Bike Month!
Feb 17, 2016EventBike Valet Volunteers Needed for Art Walk
Feb 2, 2016EventBike Florida's Surf & Turf Tour
Feb 1, 2016Event9th Annual Frank Polack Memorial Ride
Jan 31, 2016EventUp With Down Bike Ride
Jan 28, 2016EventSuwannee Bicycle Association presents:
Jan 23, 2016EventCharity Cycling Event
Jan 21, 2016EventCandidate Forum
Dec 14, 2015EventRoyal Palm Classic Ride. March 13th. Ft. Myers.
Dec 7, 2015FeatureSpinal Flexibility
Nov 24, 2015NewsBike Board Vacancies
Nov 5, 2015EventSEA Community Festival and Bike & Camp
Oct 17, 2015NewsThe Festival is almost here!
Oct 12, 2015EventActive Streets Gainesville Sunday Oct. 18th
Oct 1, 2015FeaturePosture
Sep 26, 2015EventCelebration of Cycling
Sep 8, 2015FeatureDon't Be a Dim Bulb. Use a Wet Bulb!
Sep 4, 2015EventBicycle Film Festival
Sep 4, 2015FeatureSpinal Stability
Sep 4, 2015NewsCommuter Group Meets
Aug 29, 2015FeatureWhy Not Lights?
Aug 14, 2015NewsThe Challenge - GCC Close to Winning
Jul 9, 2015EventGainesville Senior Games
Jul 1, 2015FeatureReview of Popular Cycling Studies
Jun 22, 2015EventTrail Grand Opening
Jun 20, 2015NewsWatermelon Discount!
Jun 20, 2015NewsGCC Web Site Updates
Jun 16, 2015NewsCyclist First Aid Class
May 28, 2015EventBringing Bike Share To Gainesville
May 26, 2015EventTour de Melon
May 22, 2015EventCity of Gainesville - Bike Month Celebration
May 22, 2015EventHistory Bike Gainesville
May 20, 2015NewsPicnic Guests
May 11, 2015EventCalling Commuter Cyclists
May 5, 2015EventActive Streets Hawthorne
May 1, 2015FeatureAlaska, Our Last Frontier
Apr 14, 2015NewsSpring Picnics
Apr 2, 2015EventRide for the Arts
Mar 6, 2015NewsMillhopper Crew
Mar 4, 2015NewsCycling Savvy Registration Deadline Soon!
Mar 2, 2015NewsDepot Trail Closure
Mar 2, 2015EventBike and Build: Bike Wash
Mar 1, 2015EventTour de Forts
Feb 6, 2015NewsBoard Position Open
Feb 6, 2015EventActive Streets
Feb 5, 2015EventCity Commission Candidate Forum on Feb. 9th
Jan 2, 2015NewsUnogwaja Challenge
Dec 18, 2014NewsShare The Road Memorial
Nov 10, 2014EventRails To Trails Festival
Nov 4, 2014NewsBrevet Dates Set
Nov 4, 2014NewsGreat Festival
Oct 29, 2014EventArcher Braid Trail Opening
Oct 10, 2014EventPink Pumpkin Spin-Off
Oct 10, 2014NewsOpen Streets Success!
Oct 10, 2014NewsVolunteers Needed!
Oct 6, 2014NewsPink Pumpkins Roll
Oct 1, 2014NewsChallenge: Victory!
Sep 26, 2014EventRoad Titans 300+ Cycling Challenge
Sep 21, 2014NewsStore Stocked
Sep 20, 2014NewsCelebration of Cycling Banquet Discount
Sep 8, 2014EventRising From Ashes Movie & Music Night
Sep 8, 2014EventGainesville's First Open Streets Event!
Sep 2, 2014NewsCitizen Oversight Committee
Aug 23, 2014EventCycling Storytelling Event: The Conch
Aug 17, 2014NewsGCAT Candidate Endorsements
Aug 17, 2014FeatureWho Cyclists Should Vote For . . .
Aug 9, 2014FeatureTo Stand or Sit While Climbing?
Aug 4, 2014FeatureCycling Quebec Province
Jul 30, 2014EventGainesville Senior Games Registration Now Open
Jul 16, 2014NewsGetting Ride Notifications
Jul 13, 2014NewsT-shirt Design Contest
Jul 13, 2014NewsFestival Planning Meeting
Jul 5, 2014FeatureLosing weight while eating on a bike
Jun 15, 2014EventEndless Summer Watermelon Ride
Jun 13, 2014EventWheels and Wings - Punta Gorda
Jun 3, 2014NewsJersey Order Open
Jun 3, 2014EventKickoff Party
May 24, 2014FeatureGCC Bike Mirror Review
May 20, 2014EventTour de Melon
May 13, 2014FeatureNo Girls Allowed: Making Your Bike Shop Better
May 10, 2014NewsThe Kickstand has moved!
May 6, 2014FeatureBicycling and the "Door Zone"
May 5, 2014NewsBrevet Series Results
Apr 24, 2014NewsGator Cycle is Florida's First LAB Gold Star
Apr 18, 2014EventFree Flat Clinic
Apr 15, 2014NewsVolunteers needed for Touch-A-Truck
Apr 12, 2014NewsNew Downtown Bike Pumps Installed
Apr 4, 2014EventTour of the Quilt Country
Mar 18, 2014EventStrada Bellamy Sportif 2014
Mar 18, 2014FeaturePaceline Rules To Remember
Mar 15, 2014NewsTeaching Ride is Back On . . . Fit, But New!
Mar 13, 2014FeatureGainesville's Godforsaken 400k
Mar 3, 2014NewsVote Eddie, Bottcher, Warren
Feb 26, 2014EventBike Florida 20th Anniversary Celebration
Feb 26, 2014NewsTransportation Forum Endorses City Candidates
Feb 24, 2014EventCity Candidate Forum Tonight at 6:30
Feb 20, 2014EventWorld Down Syndrome Day Bike Ride
Feb 7, 2014Event3rd Annual Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational
Feb 5, 2014NewsAnnual Meeting Date Set
Feb 5, 2014FeatureIs This Bike a Pipe Bomb?
Feb 2, 2014Event4th Annual Doc Hollywood Invitational
Jan 26, 2014EventSwamp Classic
Jan 26, 2014EventPaul Corey Memorial Rides & Reception
Jan 20, 2014EventSuwannee Sweetheart Cycling Weekend
Jan 20, 2014EventBike Florida
Jan 16, 2014NewsGCC Store at O'Leno
Jan 13, 2014NewsBrevets Underway
Jan 13, 2014FeatureVolunteer with the Kickstand
Jan 6, 2014EventGentlemen's CX Ride
Jan 6, 2014EventBattle of Olustee
Jan 6, 2014FeatureGCC on Facebook
Dec 12, 2013NewsHoliday Party Photos
Dec 11, 2013EventSwamp Cross
Dec 11, 2013EventFlorida Keys Self-Contained Tour
Dec 9, 2013NewsGCC "Euro" Sticker
Dec 5, 2013FeatureTake The League Survey
Dec 3, 2013News8th Avenue Needs Your Help Now
Nov 30, 2013NewsFestival Photos on Facebook
Nov 30, 2013NewsNew San Felasco Trail Map
Nov 27, 2013FeatureGCC 101 - Life Memberships
Nov 22, 2013EventCranksgiving Alley Cat Ride
Nov 22, 2013NewsJere Steele Passes
Nov 22, 2013EventTeam Florida Cycling Ride-A-Thon
Nov 11, 2013NewsResults! Veterans Day Poker Run
Nov 7, 2013FeatureHow Should I Pedal When Standing?
Nov 5, 2013NewsTeam VetMed raises over $9500 for scholarships
Nov 4, 2013FeatureGCC 101 - Insurance
Nov 4, 2013NewsNeeded: A few good ovens
Nov 1, 2013EventSan Felasco November Events
Oct 25, 2013FeatureGCC 101 - Membership Renewal
Oct 25, 2013NewsRaw Festival Results
Oct 25, 2013FeatureCongratulations Twin Centurians
Oct 25, 2013NewsAre You Wearing the Mad Squirrel?
Oct 25, 2013EventSpaghetti 100
Oct 25, 2013EventHorrible Hundred
Oct 13, 2013FeatureWork cycle: 3600 ride to work
Oct 12, 2013NewsFestival Week!
Oct 10, 2013NewsNational Bike Challenge Award
Oct 7, 2013NewsT-Shirt Cut Off
Oct 7, 2013NewsFestival Report #4
Oct 6, 2013FeatureGCC 101: Family Memberships
Oct 2, 2013NewsSpecial Deal #1
Oct 2, 2013NewsSpecial Deal #2
Oct 2, 2013NewsSpecial Deal #3
Oct 2, 2013NewsGCC Wins National Bike Challenge
Sep 27, 2013NewsFestival Report #3
Sep 27, 2013NewsClub Member Festival Registration
Sep 20, 2013NewsFestival Report #2
Sep 15, 2013NewsTalking Points County Transportation Surtax
Sep 14, 2013FeatureSome Thoughts On Night Road Riding
Sep 13, 2013NewsBoard Elections Just Around the Corner
Sep 12, 2013EventSuwannee Fat Tire Festival
Sep 12, 2013NewsSpeaker Spotlight - Tue, Sep 17
Sep 4, 2013EventSwampman 100
Aug 30, 2013EventSan Felasco September Events
Aug 28, 2013NewsFestival Registration Open
Aug 23, 2013Event4th Annual Florida Tandem Rally
Aug 21, 2013EventShare The Road Celebration of Cycling
Aug 19, 2013NewsSupport Team Florida
Aug 19, 2013EventRails to Trails Bike Ride
Aug 19, 2013FeatureHindsight 35 Product Info
Aug 8, 2013FeatureFear and Loathing on a Bike in Gainesville
Jul 30, 2013FeatureGville Shops Help Build Our Cycling Empire
Jul 29, 2013EventEndless Summer Watermelon Ride
Jul 23, 2013NewsSave the Date - Labor Day Picnic
Jul 23, 2013EventPalatka Trail Festival
Jul 22, 2013EventTour of Sebring
Jul 19, 2013FeatureThe Devil's Dictionary of Road Cycling
Jul 15, 2013NewsFlorida Vulnerable Road User Law Petition
Jul 8, 2013FeatureRecord Setting RAAM
Jul 7, 2013NewsContributions for Jake Wrenn
Jun 26, 2013FeatureStand or Sit While Climbing?
Jun 16, 2013NewsArcher Braid Trail Opening Video
Jun 13, 2013NewsTurning Into the Rock Trail
Jun 12, 2013Feature5 Boros New York City Bike Tour
Jun 5, 2013EventArcher Braid Trail Opening
Jun 5, 2013FeatureJoin Your Group!
Jun 5, 2013NewsJoin the Florida Bicycle Association!
May 31, 2013NewsArcher Braid Opening Volunteers Needed
May 21, 2013EventACEL Bikes de Mayo
May 21, 2013NewsVeto Hits Bike Trail
May 19, 2013FeatureBicycle Headphones - Are they Safe and Legal?
May 10, 2013News8th Ave Project Summary
May 3, 2013NewsCounty Transportation Summit 2013 Summary
May 3, 2013FeatureMending Roads (Poem)
Apr 28, 2013NewsRide To Remember Report
Apr 26, 2013FeatureMileage Challenge
Apr 15, 2013NewsNew Business Sponsor Swift Cycle
Apr 9, 2013NewsHubBub Helmet Mirrors
Mar 2, 2013FeatureReview of Maxxon Wireless Brake Light
Feb 28, 2013FeatureIncoming Board Has Big Shoes to Fill
Feb 28, 2013NewsTim's Fast Nickel Back in the Saddle
Feb 22, 2013FeatureSouthern Cross 2013 Report
Feb 14, 2013EventThrough Time on a Bicycle
Feb 7, 2013FeatureMy Road to Adventure Cycling Association
Jan 20, 2013NewsChandler's Quarter Century
Dec 27, 2012FeatureCycling in Gainesville is Safe, Statistics Wrong
Dec 26, 2012NewsForget Your Number?
Dec 17, 2012FeatureYes, Virginia, We Are Building the A-Braid Trail
Dec 5, 2012NewsBike Ped Adv. Board Update
Dec 5, 2012FeatureHow GCC News Works
Nov 30, 2012NewsHistory on the Web Site
Nov 23, 2012NewsDepot Trail Overpass Open
Nov 16, 2012NewsNew Coaching Tips on the Web Site
Nov 3, 2012FeatureIn Memory of Dr. Paul "Skip" Choate
Oct 23, 2012FeatureScunthorpe, England
Oct 7, 2012FeatureSix GCCers Join Forces to Crush Cross Race
Oct 5, 2012FeatureVinegar works...
Oct 3, 2012NewsSnowbird Sighting
Sep 6, 2012NewsArcher Braid Report from Commission Meeting Sep 12
Aug 31, 2012NewsFix Our Roads Website
Aug 30, 2012NewsGreenways and Trails Bulletin
Aug 30, 2012NewsNew Business Sponsor: Cycle Therapy
Aug 14, 2012FeatureKids' Cycling Safety and Etiquette
Jul 28, 2012FeatureFrom the President . . .
Jul 26, 2012NewsFrom the League
Jul 21, 2012NewsFestival Planning Underway
Jul 11, 2012FeatureAvoid Cramps!
Jul 6, 2012NewsTeam Gainesville Top Fundraiser
Jul 1, 2012NewsMillhopper Crew Forms
Jun 18, 2012NewsProject Aims to Bring Velodrome to North Florida
Jun 18, 2012NewsActive Members Get County to Clean Parker Road
Jun 18, 2012NewsClub Members Using Obsolete Turn Signals
Jun 18, 2012FeatureAm I Now a Glider?
Jun 5, 2012FeatureProduct Review: Leg Shield
May 30, 2012FeatureVehicular Cycling is Dead . . .
Apr 15, 2012FeatureGuide To Safe Passing
Apr 1, 2012FeatureHell on Two Wheels
Apr 1, 2012News2012 Spring and Summer Picnics

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