Horse Farm Tours

Sunday, October 22, 2017

SpectatorsThe Horse Farm Tours start in Flemington on CR 329 (Interstate 75 CR 318 exit). Registration will be open till 9 am. If you want to start with a group, we'll send you off at 8:30 am. Otherwise, you can start whenever you wish.

Click here for the 25 and 30 mile routesClick the thumbnail map to bring up a larger version on it's own page for printing or viewing.

With 25, 30, and 45 mile routes to choose from, there should be a distance to satisfy everyone in the family. The terrain that you will encounter as you wind through the horse farms is rolling. If you are from the coast, it will be a different challenge than just riding over the odd canal bridge. But many of you will want to make frequent stops to take in the scenery, and perhaps have a conversation with a horse.

Click here for 45 mile route (on century map)Bagels and muffins will be available at the start, and hot dogs at the finish. All rides find their way to our lunch stop about half way through the ride.

NOTE: Hurricane IRMA washed out and flooded a few roads. Our reroutes for this year have resulted in the actual distances of the rides as 43, 33, and 28 miles.

Back in the early 90's all of our Horse Farm rides started in Gainesville. But we noticed that a significant group of riders would register, get in their cars, and drive twenty five miles into the ride, and only do the middle part. They were smart, because that is the most scenic part! Those riding shorter rides from Gainesville don't see any horses. So several years ago we set up a registration table at the first rest stop, so now you don't have to go to Gainesville at all if you are riding one of these leisurely tours!

The 45 mile route follows the Horse Farm Hundred precisely as it winds through the horse farm area. The 25 and 30 mile routes take short cuts.

Ride With GPS 45 Mile Route

Ride With GPS 30 Mile Route

Ride With GPS 25 Mile Route

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